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Lifestyle Personal 9. Oktober 2020

Inspired by Kasia Bussmann und Naturally Honest Labs

Die Haut von Babys und Kindern ist besonders empfindlich. Man muss schon ein Fachmann sein, um all die Inhaltsstoffe, die in herkömmlichen Babycremes vorhanden sind, zu verstehen. Ende Oktober besuchte ich einen Workshop zum Thema Pflanzen und welche gut für die Haut sind. Die Gastgeberin, Kasia Bussmann, die sich mit Naturally Honest Labs auf natürliche Öle spezialisiert hat, nahm uns mit auf eine Reise durch die Welt der Pflanzen und ihre Vorteile für die Haut. Begeistert von ihrem Workshop haben wir sie kurzerhand gebeten, ihr Wissen über Pflanzenöle, die speziell für Babys und Kinder geeignet sind mit uns zu teilen.

Dear Kasia, what made you start your company Naturally Honest Labs and what is your brand all about?
Naturally Honest Labs was born after an accidental trip to a herbal store, when I discovered what facial oils could do for my skin. Since I had an issue with oily skin for years and tried pretty much everything available on the market, I was very skeptical that something as simple as an oil squeezed from a plant can help me. As it turns out, simplest solutions are often the best. I was amazed how this clean, minimalistic and purely plant based skincare changed my skin and I wanted others to also be able to experience the same transformation. When I started to give away personalized, skin type based oil mixtures to my friends over three years ago, the knowledge on facial oils was very limited. People were interested in how the oils can work so well with the skin, but the plant based skincare was still hugely misunderstood. This led me to taking on a more educative approach to skincare, so that everyone felt empowered to switch to a pure, plant-based routine without the fear of making mistakes or having to figure things out for themselves. Today Naturally Honest Labs is so much more than just a natural skincare brand. My mission is to empower everyone to switch to 100% plant-based, clean skincare, that works for them. I run workshops in Berlin on plant-based skincare and a YouTube channel with informational videos. We also provide free personalized skincare advice through our online quiz on the website. I love what I do and get great satisfaction from seeing others taking control over their skincare.

Your background is in finance how did you gain your experience in plant-based skin care?
When I discovered plant oils and how amazing they were for my skin, I immediately had to know how did it work, what’s the process behind it. From the beginning I decided to base my knowledge on medical journals and academic work, rather than popular websites and blogs. This way I understood the mechanisms behind how the skin works and how the plants work, which led me to be able to draw science-backed conclusions about how to use plants for the benefit of our skin. I have done months of research, from which patters started to emerge, leading eventually to a development a plant-based skincare methodology, on which I base my workshops and the cosmetics I create. I am an ever-curious person, so I continue to learn and expand my knowledge all the time, which wouldn’t be enough, however, without the tangible results from the people I was able to coach and help in the past few years.

Do you have any advice to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy and what can be done to fade them away?
We should never underestimate the importance of keeping the skin well moisturised. Hydration in the skin increases its elasticity, which enables the skin to stretch, reducing the risk of stretchmarks. So the mums to be should think of moisturising their belly, hips, breasts and other stretchmark-prone areas at least once daily. Luckily, plant based cosmetics can do a wonderful job in keeping the stretchmark at bay. Future mums can use a variety of butters like Shea, Coconut or Cacao to put on their skin to lock the moisture in it. Oils and butters should always be applied on wet skin, so doing it after a shower is a great idea. The Body Butter by Naturally Honest Labs combines the moisturising power of Shea with a hydrating power of organic glycerine. That way, when put on a wet skin, the Body Butter first draws the hydration into the skin and immediately locks it in there. Our Body Butter contains one more ingredient, which is an absolute Holy Grail when it comes to preventing as well as helping to fade stretchmarks away – Tamanu oil. This dark green oil derived from the nuts of the Tamanu tree is considered a sacred ingredient in Polynesia and long revered for its skin repairing properties. The oil is becoming more and more popular around the world, making it vulnerable to adulteration. When buying Tamanu oil make sure to choose unrefined, cold pressed and better still organic options from a reputable source.

Baby skin is very sensitive. What oils do you recommend for after-bath baby care and which oils can be used for a baby massage?
Yes, that’s true. Baby skin is much thinner than adult skin and it continues to develop in the first 12 months of life. Because of its thinness baby skin quickly loses moisture, therefore massaging an oil into it, when it is still wet after a bath, helps to lock the hydration in. It is important, though, to choose a delicate base oil, as the baby’s skin is also a lot more permeable and will absorb substances to a greater extent. So essential oils, even diluted, are in my opinion a big no-no for the first 12 months of life, after which time they should be used with care. My favourite carrier oil I would recommend for after bath and for massage is the Hemp Seed Oil. It is rich in linoleic acid, which will strengthen the baby’s skin barrier. The oil reduces redness and inflammation and can even be helpful for babies and adults with psoriasis and eczema tendencies, so mums and babies can share!

How does the future of Naturally Honest Labs look like?
This year, in which Corona has cancelled everything, has thought me how to plan less, think on my feet and find new opportunities. I would like to continue to spread the plant-based skincare vision of Naturally Honest Labs and help even more people. To do this, I would love for NHL to be more accessible, which means entering into new cooperations with both high-street and online shops. I also hope that soon enough I’ll be able to return to running workshops. I am also expecting my first baby in a few months. Who knows, maybe a ‘mum & baby’ line is on the way!

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